Fíjate Que Suave

Production House created after going through a process of professionalization and expansion of activities of the jazz group TROKER. We offer recording and music production services by Frankie Mares at FM Studios. We carry out communication and social media campaigns for projects related to music such as FIMPRO. We handle the production of public events such as el Festival del Dia Internacional del Jazz for the city of Guadalajara and present concerts in different venues in the city, most times we work in partnership with the radio show Sólo Jazz (Radio Universidad de Guadalajara). Currently, we handle the production and booking of Vudú Stage, an 150 capacity independent stage dedicated to creative music at the club Chango Vudú.


Troker can be considered one of the most important exporters of new music in Mexico, "one of the twenty Mexican artists breaking boundaries": Rolling Stone. Brewed in the land of tequila, the sextet has created a mix of instrumental sounds that come from jazz, funk, progressive rock and the popular tradition of mariachi, all this collided by a turntable that throws scratches as fresh whiffs into this peculiar mix. The band’s proposal is at times sublime and at other dangerous, it is "noisy, chaotic, sprawling, messy, all together is wonderful": All About Jazz. Far from jazz for elevators, Troker manages to travel in complete freedom between the complex and the precise, creating "immediately infectious tunes and energetic live show": The Huffington Post. From its conception, Troker was a project to do things differently, something like a laboratory of crazy ideas. They started as a band of small clubs in Guadalajara and learned how to get standing ovations. Today, they make records and offer concerts that are experiences capable of awakening not only the senses, but also the emotions. “Saying Troker is a jazz band from Mexico doesn't even begin to cover the musical punch these guys deliver”: NPR; A powerful expression of contemporary Mexico. They have visited 17 countries and are the only Mexican band that has performed at the Glastonbury Festival, the Vive Latino and the Montreal Jazz Festival, just to mention the least.

FM Studios

Recording studio and transformation of musical projects under the direction of Frankie Mares, producer, drummer and founder of Troker, located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. We offer recording, production and film scoring services.

Production Services

We produce public and private events where the center is jazz, creative music and professionalism.

Communication and Social Media

We carry out communication and social media projects focused on the music industry.

Vudú Stage

Space for 150 people, within the facilities of Chango Vudú, bar and forum dedicated to the programming and dissemination of music in Guadalajara.